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Refined Land Services

 Founded in 2012

Why is REFINED LAND different?  We take the approach of widening our lens to try to forsee our clients challenges based on our personal expereince as "being a client".   Our clients need a successful project, but they also need the data anayltics to drive decisions to parties that are not land experts to ensure that the best decisions are being made at the time.  

4 Tennent's of Success, in which we live everyday: Passion - for the work, our clients success and building a great reputation; Talent - our team is growing and we look for the best in their field, those few individuals what strive toward excellence; Training - we are committed to ongoing training of our team, leaders, agents, to best understand the changing environment of the industry; Mentorship - we believe it is our responsiblity to leave a legacy of greatness with the future land professionals in the industry.


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Mrs. Aften Rhea Weaver

Managing Partner

Aften started her career in the Oil and Gas industry in 2009 performing Due Diligence for Acqusitions in the Barnett shale, Fort Worth, Tx.  Aften specializes in Right of Way Acquisitions, Due Diligence for Acquisitions/Mergers, Title support, Project Budgeting & Permitting for State/Local/Private entities.

Aften has a bachelor degree in Marketing and is part of the Texas Real Estate Commission and the International Right of Way Association.


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We try to create a strategic plan for the success of your projects today and the future of your business and reputation.

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